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Klausimas #1: Ar galiu naddoti 2 valdiklius su 1 varikliu ?


With both motors:  HPM-10K/72 and with HPM-20K/72 you can use with 2 controllers.

                             Peak power of HPM-10K/72                              is 20kW
                             Peak power of HPM-20K/72                              is 50kW


Duration of max Power / Torque is defined by motor overheating. (also controller overheating)

Therefore if motor cooling is very good duration time of max Power / Torque can be more longer.


Regarding HPM-10K/72V:
Max phase current of this motor @72V is 500A. ( it means that higher phase curents not recomended )
From my point of view, you can use 1 controller 8080I 72V/700A, reduce Max phase current.
And in such case controller will not work on MAX power other words heating of controller will be lower.

If you will use 2 controllers 7275D 72V/500A, in principle will be necessary to do the same.
I mean to reduce Max phase current in both of them. So controllers will be not work on MAX power respectively will have lower heating.

Conclusion:     if you want to get continuous power twice higher (from HPM-10K or HPM-20K)
                             Just using  2 controllers with 1 motor, I think it is not correct way.

Sometimes we use such solution (1 motor with 2 controllers). Main REASONS:

                             1. In order to increase reliability.  (if 1 controller during using will damaged, the system still will work)
                             2. In order to reduce heating on the controller.
                                 (If temp. of controller is more than 70C it will automatically reduce the currents /power which delivered to motor)

Frankly speaking we not did such tests.

I mean “How long will work system at Max Power in configuration 1 motor and 2 controllers.”

Therefore I made motors with double shaft. In order to after tests if will be necessary to have a possibilities to add one more motor and to increase the continuous power.


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Klausimas #2: Kaip ilgai aš galių naudoti HPM variklį prie maksimalios galios ?

First question is: 

For example: max torque of HPM-5000B motor is 45Nm. (Nominal torque is 13-16Nm.)
Keep in mind that at max TORQUE motor RPM will be lower (because of lower efficiency)
Or you need to respectively increase supply voltage (to compensate increased losses).

By default duration time for all HPM series motors at max phase current is 10sec.
(Max phase current for HPM-5000B is 300A)

However duration of max Power / Torque is defined by motor overheating.

Therefore if motor cooling is very good duration time of max Power / Torque can be more longer.

Klausimas #3: Kaip pakeisti AUŠINIMO dangtį HPM serijos varikliuose ?

In order to replace AIR cover to LIQUID in HPM-3K / HPM-5K motors necessary to change wires position and make new holes.
Therefore, please keep in mind, that will be necessary to make some minor modifications when replacing covers.

        If you are not sufficiently qualified for this work You should warned us about this in advance.
        Then we would insistently offer you this modification to be already done in our service.

Klausimas #4: Kokią maitinimo įtampą ( 48V-96V ) pasirinkti ?

For Example:

In order to get 5kW at 48V (50V) necessary 100A 
In order to get 5kW at 96V (50V) necessary 50A

Easiest and cheapest way to get 5kW is to use 48V / 100A, because : 

  1. Battery will be more simple (less parts)  and safe (low voltage) 
  2. Low voltage controllers are more popular ( wider choice ) and cheaper. 
      (where you can get controller 120V / 50A ? As far as we know the smallest is 120V 200A so few times more expensive) 
  3. Also low voltage are more popular (wider choice) and so cheaper 
     (you can have higher power in account of higher RPM by increasing battery Voltage for what you have enough room )

  We have for these controllers better prices
  Many of these controllers can be with CAN bus
  During using the system via PC or Android we can see online data (phase current / motor and controller temp. and etc. )
All of VEC series controllers not have such options.


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