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About us


You need more than just a product for your business to step forward more speedily 

  • Separate parts must change the entirety. 
  • Each item must fulfil its function. 

Complex solutions bring the maximum value. 


SUCH A MISSION is set up by MiroMAX - the future town engineers. 



From separate parts to a serving product. From a wheel to a bicycle. From an LED diode to a field screen. MiroMax researches the future and its knowledge is relevant today.

Offering our customized solutions for LED screens, e-transport and heating, we shall do our best to provide all the information necessary.

Consultations turning into to optimal selections. Quality control not only for today, but for tomorrow too.

Guarantee that the solutions will be efficient. Maximum value without complex searches. MiroMAX - everything for you to get the MAX.


We serve for your business, which opts for progress. For those, who are searching not for an item, but the function. We serve those, who create comfortable environments. Those who understand that comfort is more than simply separate parts. Harness the future with Miromax. Live with the rhythm of tomorrow.



Our activity is for the customer’s comfort. Serving your needs, we work in two directions:  

1. Customized complex solutions for business are created as per customer’s needs.
2. Sales of standardized products through the MiroSTORE e-store. 



Store - MiroMAX online store, for those who are searching for tomorrow today. For private customers, who are searching for comfort and seeking to apply the most advanced solutions in everyday life

Easy to pay, easy to get an ordered product. We are continuously searching for the most innovative technological solutions and sharing them with our customers. To avoid searching among thousands of products, but be glad about the most qualitative and durable product from reliable sources.

More than a product. Our team is ready to assist in reaching the best solution during purchasing. Quality control and warranty service with the future in mind.



Future town engineers. For businesses seeking to step forward more speedily. We offer the most advanced lighting, heating and eco-transport solutions that a company can offer.

Our team puts together the individual parts into a single solution - we make LED diodes into a field screen, a wheel into an electric bike.

A product, a service, quality and warranty - everything in MiroMAX. Give us a call. And let the future bring co-operation. 




MiroMAX starts from hobby. Developing business, we seek to make your hobbies accessible to everyone. We are growing now and we are offering these solutions: 

For an individual customer, who is seeking a comfortable environment and who is interested in tomorrow’s solutions, for businesses, whose individual LED screens, lighting, heating or eco-transport needs are fulfilled by our specialist team. Your hobby serving your business and daily life. To focus on not just an item, but functions.

MiroMAX has been awarded by the “The Strongest in Lithuania” certificate more than 10 years in a row (from 2011 to 2022). By performing our obligations in due time and seeking to apply tomorrow’s technologies in daily life, we are committed to growing together with you. 



Progressive innovations open up the way to change the future. But our values remain that you achieve the highest quality product and service. Therefore, our major principles include:

  • Innovation: we search for future opportunities, which we can apply in your business and home life today. 
  • Quality: we check each part ourselves and carry out warranty maintenance. 
  • Assistance: we supply more than a just product. Our team tailors the product to serve the customer’s needs. 
  • Professionalism: we assist the customer in selecting what they need. 
  • Eco:  economically and environmentally friendly. To bear witness to the differences that future technologies can really make. 


We never seek one-off profit maximization, because we feel responsibility towards the customer’s success. Our sales engineers’ team is ready to provide you consultations and solve any tasks you require. 

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