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We are presenting a universal motor-wheel (conversation kit) of the newest generation that is unique and like no other! More

Electric transport | Various electric vehicles

Electric modes of transportation in our store provide excellent capabilities with efficient, powerful motors and capacious batteries. Whether you're looking for an electric bicycle for your morning commute to work, a powerful all-terrain vehicle for outdoor adventures or an electric wheelchair to help you get around, you'll find the perfect option with us! Our vehicles allow customers to move farther and faster without sacrificing any environmental standards. Shop around today to experience the freedom that electric transportation offers! 

Electric means of transportation online store

With a variety of state-of-the-art electric transportation products in one place, our online store is the ideal place for people seeking robust and efficient transportation solutions. Our selection includes a range of electric vehicles such as bicycles, quadricycles, scooters and even electric wheelchairs that can get you where you need to go in style and comfort. 

Bikes, velomobiles and electric quadricycles 

Our electric bikes are designed for optimal performance and power, making them the perfect choice for everyday rides. With plenty of available power and a lightweight frame, you can get farther faster. Our velomobiles are a great option when you're looking for comfort and speed - their aerodynamic shape and unique design make them an ideal way to explore the city or nature trails. Our electric four-wheelers provide a fun and easy ride with many features such as adjustable power, comfortable seats and advanced suspension technology. Whether you're commuting to work or going on a long commute, our range of electric bicycles, quadricycles, electric scooters and velocipedes provide functionality and satisfaction.

Electric wheelchairs 

Electric wheelchairs have revolutionized the concept of mobility for people with limited physical abilities. They not only give users a new sense of freedom, allowing them to explore the world and pursue their hobbies, but also provide a higher level of safety than manual. Electric wheelchairs are designed with increased stability and anti-tipping technology in mind, as well as features such as seat belts and adjustable footrests that also comfortable to use. Our electric wheelchairs offer invaluable potential for those have limited mobility, allowing them to free themselves from limitations and know that they can remain safe.

QUGO Electric Segways - modern electric transportation 

Our QUGO electric segways are the perfect solution for your modern transportation needs. Not only are they a safe, efficient and convenient means of transportation, but they also have a longer riding range on a single charge than traditional electric scooters. Elegant design, combined with solid build quality, will serve you for years. If you would like more information about our amazing segway electric QUGO, please contact us. Our experienced team is ready to help. 

Electric means of transport - Miromax online store - quality guarantee

In our store, we take pride in offering an excellent selection of electric transportation products that guarantee our customers' satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff is well-trained and ready to help you with the right product for your needs. Whether you need guidance how to convert your existing vehicle into an electric vehicle, or you want to find a brand new means of electric transportation, you will find the perfect solution in our store! Customer satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide professional service in every case. Our online store offers incredible convenience and access to a wide range of electric transportation products 

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