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Electric BLDC motors, parts and accessories

Brushless BLDC Motors

In our store, you can find top-quality brushless motors that are not only modern and efficient but also provide a high output power, allowing you to achieve maximum force to power your device. Each brushless DC motor you'll find with us guarantees the highest quality of operation. Our store specializes in electric motors that offer reliable power and make your electric conversion project successful. Whether you are trying to convert your car, any other vehicle, or power something completely different, we have the perfect motor or kit for you.

What is a Brushless BLDC Motor?

Brushless BLDC motors provide efficient operation and are increasingly gaining popularity due to their cost-effectiveness compared to brushed motors. A brushless electric motor uses permanent magnets that rotate around a fixed armature, driving it at high speeds with low vibration and noise. Brushless motors also have a longer lifespan as they are not subject to wear and tear to the same extent as brushed motors. Additionally, these motors consume less energy, requiring fewer repairs and replacements over time. Lastly, brushless BLDC motors maintain high torque even at low speeds, making them ideal for applications that require precise control and quick response time.

BLDC Motor Shop - Efficient Brushless Electric Motors

Our powerful brushless electric motors are air or liquid-cooled and offer excellent performance in various applications. With an impressive power range from 500W to 100kW, our brushless DC/PMSM motors can power almost anything, from electric vehicles and industrial equipment to custom projects or small school projects. Whatever the task, you can rely on our reliable BLDC motors that ensure consistent performance every time.

BLDC Motors from Miromax - Quality Guarantee!

With a modern design and efficient construction, these motors will power your machine better than ever before.

BLDC Motor Price

Brushless electric motors offer an efficient solution for many applications, and the cost of such motors depends on the power they produce. Therefore, prices range from 900 to several thousand euro. Consumers can purchase brushless motors directly from BLDC motor manufacturers through our online store.

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