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Electric wheelchairs 

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Folding Electric wheelchair EWC-180H
EWC-180H Folding Electric wheelchair EWC-180H 32kg6km/h15km2*500W24V Delivery From stock Delivery Delivery From stock 1 pcs. € 706.61
Folding Electric wheelchair EWC-180K
EWC-180K Folding Electric wheelchair EWC-180K 35kg6km/h15km2*500W24V Delivery From stock Delivery Delivery From stock 1 pcs. € 822.31
All-Terrain Electric Power Wheelchair PW-4x4
PW-4x4Q All-Terrain Electric Power Wheelchair PW-4x4 7 km/h15km2*850W24V On request Delivery On request 1 pcs. tel
Electric wheelchair EWC-180E
EWC-180E Electric wheelchair EWC-180E 43kg6km/h15km2*500W24V Delivery <br>~2 weeks Delivery Delivery
~2 weeks
1 pcs. € 706.61

Modern electric wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchairs

In our store, we guarantee comfortable electric wheelchairs that will help you or the person you are caring for easily move around the house or in public places. Our modern electric wheelchairs are reliable and safe means of transportation. We strive to provide the highest quality and safety standards for our products, so our customers can be sure that their purchase is worth every penny spent. Thanks to the wide range of available options, you will surely find a suitable wheelchair that meets both your needs and budget. Considering all these advantages, it's no wonder that purchasing an electric wheelchair from us is an excellent decision!

Electric Wheelchair Store

An electric wheelchair offers unparalleled comfort and freedom for people with limited mobility. Our electric wheelchairs are distinguished by powerful, high-quality materials, durable and reliable motors, long-lasting batteries for extended distances, safety features, and seat and position adjustment options. Purchasing an electric wheelchair from our store will provide you with a powerful and efficient way to move around easily, allowing you to regain independence. With our selection of the best in class electric mobility equipment on the market, combined with our commitment to providing high-quality customer service, shopping in our store is undoubtedly a profitable choice!

Prices of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs represent a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation for people with limited mobility. The prices of electric wheelchairs vary depending on factors such as material quality, motor power, type and capacity of the battery, folding capability, and accessories. Generally, the prices of electric wheelchairs start from 800 euros, but more complex models can cost significantly more. (See: Price of Electric Wheelchair).

Price is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new electric wheelchair, but it should not be the sole criterion for selection. It's also important to find a comfortable wheelchair that meets your requirements in terms of size, load capacity, maneuverability, and features. Please take the time to carefully explore the available options to purchase an electric wheelchair that meets your individual needs or the needs of the person you are caring for.

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